18th May 2019 at 11:00am (in 1798 days ago)

Western Australia Shenzhen Association Youth League WA preliminary

Prize: WA Winner receives Flights to Sydney. Prize Pool $5000 +Peripherals
Teams: 16 Teams


*This event is organised and run by Western Australia Shenzhen Association Youth League

In order to promote relationship between the major universities in Australia, to discover more e-sport masters, and gather League of Legend elites. Creating a stage for students to compete with their skills, as well as learning from each other. The Australian international students is here to invite all major Australian universities to compete in the Australian international students League of Legend invitational WA preliminary.
1st $3000 Cash
2nd $2000 Cash
3rd Gaming peripherals

Please follow the sign up form to sign up for this event!
Small fee of $50 per team will be charged, through direct bank transfer to the bank account provided in the sign up form below.

***Sign up form:
Event info:

Day 1 (18/05/2019):
Best of One game 16 -> 8
Best of Three games 8 -> 4

Day 2 (19/05/2019):
Best of Five games 4 -> 2
Best of Three games to decide 3rd/4th place
Best of Five games to decide 1st/2nd place

The champion of WA Region will be further on compete in Sydney for the grand final on the 26th – 27th of May with flights included!!

****Please arrive to the venue on time, if any team is late for more than 30 minutes they will be disqualified!****

Further event rules will be emailed to the email provided in the sign up form.
Feel free to come an spectate our championship games for free!!
If more than 16 teams there will be offline competition will be conducted to decide the 16 teams.
The final interpretation is owned by Western Australia Shenzhen Association Youth League