28th May 2022 at 9:00am (in 727 days ago)

Valorant Draft #3


Escape Portal’s Draft LAN Featuring:

Saturday 28th May @ 9am

Escape Portal Esports Lounge , Perth W.A (1359 Albany Hwy Cannington)



Prize: Portal Merch + More
Teams: Draft Lan
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How does it work?

  • Reserve your spot by Registering Online
  • Fill out the form so we know your skill level , and purchase your ticket (confirmation manually sent via email , can take 48hours)
  • Arrive at Portal on Saturday 28th May before 9:30am (doors open at 9am)
  • Captains will pick their team mates on the day
  • Play a total of 4 matches

Any questions? Call us , message facebook, join our discord , Talk in person

How Much is it and what comes with the ticket?

  • $20 Ticket
  • Entry into the tournament
  • Free Portal time to participate in the tournament
  • A lot of Fun
  • Chance to win Prizes

Tournament Format

  • 09:00 – 09:30 Register you have arrived at the front counter
  • 09:30 – Team captains will choose their players and create team name
  • 10:00 – Warm Up , Settings
  • 10:30 – Group Stage Begins (3 matches per team)
  • End of Groups – 13:00 – Lunch Break
  • 13:30 – Final Game
  • Prizes Presented

[Outside of these hours you are welcome to purchase standard Portal time and use the facilities if pcs are available]

What are the Prizes?

  • Portal Hours
  • Energy Drinks
  • Portal Branded Merchandise
  • + More

How are Prizes awarded?

  • Winning team
  • Individual Winning Captain Prize
  • Individual Player who out-performed their ranking
  • Nicest Teammate
  • Random prizes for entertaining moments throughout group stage

How Can I get to Portal?

By Train – Cannington Station + 10 minute walk or circle route bus to Albany Hwy
By Car – Underground Parking is Free and available to Escape Portal Customers

When Should I arrive?

It’s disappointing when one player is late and delays the start for the rest of the participants. Please arrive at the venue to check in no later than 9:30am. If you are running late due to traffic etc message the store or discord channel to prevent being replaced.

What Can I Bring?
You are welcome to bring peripherals such as; mouse, keyboard, headset, mousepad

Please remember there is no outside food and drink permitted but you are welcome to purchase snacks + drinks from portal kiosk

(example of what NOT to bring; Bottles of soft drink, Mcdonalds, Dominoes etc)

How do I sign up?
Purchase a ticket online by clicking REGISTER FOR EVENT. There are 40 spots available. You cannot sign up on the day.

If you are unable to Register online, a Portal staff member can sign you up at the front counter if, spots are available.

Is there an age Limit?
There is no age limit, however all entrants are required to be an escape portal member which is free and can be made instore. Please note under 15 requires parent consent to sign up for a portal account.

Are spectators allowed?
Yes, Spectators are welcome. Please note spectators also require portal accounts.

Can I Stream or is the event streamed?
Streaming is not available from individual pcs. But your welcome to come down on the event day and spectate

How is the map chosen?
Group Stage: Admin chooses map per round , and captains will compete for side. Example: Flip a coin, Paper/Scissors/Rock etc

Finals: Head to head map is removed, highest rank chooses to remove a map 1st until one remaining, or pick side 1st on chosen map.

I’m unable to attend, can I get a refund?
If we are able to find a replacement for your spot before the day of event, Your escape portal account will be credited.

I Don’t agree with the admins Ruling, What can I do?
Before prizes are awarded you may speak to the head event admin (this person will be identified before first matches are played) on the day for final decision, however it will be rare that the admins ruling will be overturned.

I’d prefer for my photo not to be taken, What can I do?
We have some amazing sponsors who would love to see everyone having fun at this event. You may request photos to be taken down from social media if you feel they are exploitive or dangerous.

Please e-mail info@escapeportal.com.au with details of each photo, reason you are requesting it to be taken down, and your details

Basic Rules for the Day

  • Arrive early
  • Don’t bring in outside food or drink
  • Try not to bang the desks
  • No Collusion – No you can’t get your friend to let you kill them for your stats
  • We are all here to have fun so enjoy the event
  • Admins are here to help and keep things fair, please keep that in mind if you have an issue
  • We love feedback! We learn from every event we do so please fill out the feedback forms